Can you re-love me?

“It feels like I don’t know you anymore. It feels like I never knew you. How will we ever stay in each other’s life?”

Silence sat between us. We are now nothing but two melancholic lovers scraping the remains of what was once drop-dead gorgeous.


We were now feeding on memories. We were now twisting our words to give us a false sense of belonging. After drudging all this while, we were now nothing more than unfulfilled what-ifs and maybes.

Love too, after crawling us through pitfalls of our flaws, gave up on us. Its sight now limited to a few rare occasions. Its warmth now restricted to only certain moments of uncalled intimacy. Its embrace now evading us with every passing day.

“Can you re-love me? Will you take the efforts to trace my being all over again?” I asked as I dragged another puff of smoke.

“Not that I have a choice,” she laughed and playfully punched me. “We always have a choice,” I plainly stated.065e7dc1b030709162b0e880e1896e36

“Well then, no matter how fucked up, I choose you,” her face showed a hint of a smile and such writhing vulnerability.

I looked at her, and let out a sigh. What did I ever do to deserve such a person?


~ Honest Musings



Dead Rose Picture: Asif Mahmood Abbas

Other Pictures: Tumblr



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